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Accommodation with free wifi

Rainforest Hideaway is now the only Cape Tribulation accommodation with free WiFi, as far as we know.
Cape Tribulation in the Daintree is a long way from anywhere and internet and wifi have long been running behind the rest of the world.
While accommodation with free wifi has been standard in resorts and guest houses throughout Asia for a long time, Cape Tribulation has been slow to follow this trend.
Not that accommodation owners were unwilling to provide free wifi, but the lack of affordable technology made it inaccessible.

daintree coast accommodation at cape tribulation
Off grid eco accommodation in the Daintree

Free Wifi at Rainforest Hideaway B&B in Cape Tribulation

accommodation with free wifi at cape tribulation in the daintree

But after most Daintree accommodation started offering free WiFi, the satellite internet providers have been screwing back the montlly download quotas, and most places stopped giving their guests access to free WiFi internet, or stopped it alltogether.

At Rainforest Hideaway we still give free WiFi internet access to out accommodation guests, on the following conditions:

1. Use the internet for real stuff, don't watch movies and download music all night.

2. No complaining about the speed, our satellite does not do the same speed as your internet cable in Sydney or London, and heavy cloud cover or rain may interrupt the satellite signal too.

3. We have a router which limits each device to 100Mb per 24 hour period, which is enough to check your emails and do lots of other stuff, and as long as you don't down or upload lots of stuff or let your gadget do big updates then that should be sufficient.
We have a selection of videos of cassowaries and other local wildlife around the house stored on our wifi router which you can watch on your device, this does not count towards the daily limit.

accommodation with free wifi

While we used to advertise this accommodation before as a Digital Detox Zone, we are now one of the very few accommodation houses in Cape Tribulation and the Daintree offering FREE WIFI !!

free internet at this daintree accommodation
free wifi in this accommodation at cape tribulation